The Collaboration

Dive into 9 exciting guided quests that will equip you with knowledge of core concepts of the Hedera ecosystem, its infrastructure, and essential developer tools. Learn how to build Web3 projects on the powerful Hashgraph and stand to earn from a prize pool of US$30,000.

Join the challenge of building innovative high-performance dApps on Hedera’s Hashgraph that drive real impact and have the potential to shape the future. Turn your ideas into reality in this virtual hackathon designed for creative experimentation.

Take your ideas to the next level and build truly transformative solutions on the Hedera Hashgraph through this 3-month incubator program. Meet bright, creative like-minded individuals in this rigorous program, get the support of industry experts and mentors, and tap on the resources you need to refine your projects into viable businesses ready for scale.

Driven by the goal of providing greater training and support in the developer’s journey, Tribe and Hedera are collaborating to bring developers an experience that will shift the way they think and build projects in Web3. Built differently from other blockchains, Hedera is incredibly fast, more secure, and EVM-compatible.

Through a series of programs – learn-and-earn, a hackathon and an incubator, that will serve as a launchpad for developers to explore the Hedera ecosystem, they will get the training, fundamental knowledge and skills, as well as opportunities to create market-ready Web3 projects that will drive the future of the internet.

The Programs

Hashgraph Learn-and-Earn

7 April - 25 April 2023


26 May - 25 June 2023


5 September - 23 November 2023

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